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Energetic Alchemy

Clear blocks keeping you from your highest and best good. 

Do you feel like you are doing everything right but you are still being held back or feeling stuck? Are you unhappy even though your life looks perfect from the outside? Does it feel like no matter what you do, nothing is working out? Are there aspects of your life that feel out of control? Do certain people always trigger the same reaction in you? Energetic Alchemy is how I describe the act of transforming what no longer serves you, the lead weighing you down, into gold. This is the art of transcending challenges and plugging your energy into the life you want. 

This work is the toughest for my scientifically trained brain to explain. However, I have seen it work when nothing else has. To me, it seems to be the space where physics and metaphysics arc toward each other. In practice, I work with the highest aspect of yourself to research and uncover what is keeping you from moving forward in life. Then we focus on clearing these blocks. 

I have found this work incredibly beneficial, and I integrate it with mindfulness, movement, and affirmations to bring all aspects of your body, mind, emotions, and spirit together.

Homes, offices, and properties also benefit from this energetic healing work. Improve the feel and function of your space so you sleep better, work better, and live better. If something in your space keeps bugging you or feels "off", energetic clearing may be a good solution for you. Children and pets are generally much more energetically sensitive than adults. If they are avoiding a space or dislike being in it, it is a sign the space needs clearing