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May 2020 Reiki Goodness

💜 My Gift To You 💜

For the month of May, I am going to send group distance Reiki once a week to those who would like some support ✨ This is a gift of service is in honor of my Reiki Master, Sue Averett. She is a bright light in this world, and I am grateful for her mentorship. There is no charge for these group sessions. I am paying forward a gift that was freely given to me. So many people are doing what they can to help right now, and this is what I can do. 

I welcome you to this restorative adventure.

✨ Connecting Energetically ✨ Distancing Physically ✨

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Spring 2020

Dear Ones, I am currently offering remote sessions and have suspended all in-person appointments for the time being. 

✨ Distance Reiki

A practice where I create a remote energetic connection with you and send you Reiki from a separate location. You do not have to do anything special but I find it is best if you can be comfortable and rest while I send you Reiki.

While we are practicing community physical distancing, I will be offering distance Reiki on a sliding scale from $25 to $50 a session. 

✨ Distance Reiki & Guided medatation

Join me and Carolyn Story as we gather remotely on Fridays to practice breathing and grounding techniques. I will send distance Reiki to participants and Carolyn will lead a guided shamanic journey. 

Friday at 11:00 am PDT/7:00 pm CET. Check your time zone.

Energy exchange $10

✨ additional remote services

Personal and Spatial Clearing are the other remote services I offer. 

We are going through a time of global shifts. This work helps you break free of old patterns and to clear your fields so you can follow your true path and find alignment with your environment.

Please see more about these offerings below and on my Energetic Alchemy Page. 



Energetic alchemy

Energetic alchemy


These sessions are currently on hold as I practice physical distancing for the well-being of our community.

I specialize in care for women and children. 

Your first session is approximately 90 minutes. This includes time for us to discuss what is important to you.

First session energy exchange $150 

Energetic alchemy

Energetic alchemy

Energetic alchemy


This work can be done remotely!

Clear blocks to living the life you want. This work can be situation focused or approached more broadly depending on your intention and need. Receive support and guidance to gain clarity and transcend your current situation.

Energy Exchange $100

Spatial Clearing

Energetic alchemy

Customize & Maintain


This work can be done remotely!

Homes, offices, and property can be cleared so that you feel better and function better in them. Your energetic relationship to your space can be improved. 

Energy Exchange based on space & situation. Contact Carie for a free 20 minute consultation. 

Customize & Maintain

Customize & Maintain

Customize & Maintain


Current sessions are on hold as I practice physical distancing for the well-being of our community.. All packages will be honored once community physical distancing has ended. The time frame for packages purchased during this time will start once community physical distancing has ended. 

Customized sessions and practices to fit your needs. Contact Carie for a free 20 minute consultation. 

4 sessions to use within 4 months $480

6 sessions to use within 6 months $600

reiki intensive

Customize & Maintain

Healing Partnership


These sessions are currently on hold as I practice physical distancing for the well-being of our community.

For major shifts and transitions. Four days of Reiki appointments in a row. 

Contact Carie to find out more about this profound experience. 

Energy Exchange $500

Healing Partnership

Customize & Maintain

Healing Partnership


Sometimes those who need healing also need help getting it. 

I dream of a day when everyone has access to the care they need to transcend challenging circumstances.

Contact Carie if you are interested in donating and becoming a healing sponsor.