Reiki and healing arts

Reiki and healing arts

Reiki and healing artsReiki and healing arts




I specialize in care for women and children. 

Your first session is approximately 90 minutes. This includes time for us to discuss what is important to you.

First session energy exchange $150

Energetic alchemy


Clear blocks to living the life you want. This work can be situation focused or approached more broadly depending on your intention and need. Receive support and guidance to gain clarity and transcend your current situation either remotely or in person

Energy Exchange $100

Spatial Clearing


Homes, offices, and property can be cleared so that you feel better and function better in them. Your energetic relationship to your space can be improved. 

Energy Exchange based on space & situation. Contact for a consultation. 

Customize & Maintain


Customized sessions and practices to fit your needs. Contact me to create your plan.

4 sessions to use within 4 months $480

6 sessions to use within 6 months $600

reiki intensive


For major shifts and transitions. Four days of Reiki appointments in a row. 

Contact me to find out more about this profound experience. 

Energy Exchange $500

Healing Partnership


Sometimes those who need healing also need help getting it. 

Are you interested in becoming a healing partner?